How We Price

Call us for our rates! We work hard to provide you an honest and customer-centric approach to your move. The best way to do that is by getting to know about your move over the phone! We support both residential and commercial moves.

We will send as many people as your move needs with 3 hour minimum!

A $100 deposit to confirm the move and a $100 service fee is required on all jobs. The deposit is applied to your total on the move. A 48 hour cancellation notification is require for a refund on the deposit. If rescheduling, you do not lose your deposit.

Our hourly pricing is based on how many crew members are needed for the job. Here is a break down of our hourly prices:

  • $99/hour - 2 crew members/hour
  • $149/hour - 3 crew members/hour
  • $199/hour - 4 crew members/ hour

Time begins after arrival & a walk through. Once movers are familiar with the layout and items, the customer will initial the contract next to time in. Time will stop after everything is placed and set up to the customers satisfaction and the customer will initial next to the time out on the contract. * Break time will be deducted from the total moving hours. *

Our movers pad wrap, disassemble and reassemble any furniture needed (beds, dressers, disconnect washers and dryers, etc.) for no extra fee.